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Top Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Mobile Applications in 2022

  • August 26, 2022   5 Mins Read

  • August 26, 2022

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the two leading buzzwords in the technology era. What began as a completely new, significantly different technology has rapidly revolutionized into something we all find helpful. 

As per TechJury, revenue for AR & VR will hit $340B by 2028, while the AR market alone is predicted to surpass $18B in 2023. 

Considering how increasingly people use their smartphones to make online purchases or entertain themselves, AR & VR are extremely embedded into apps. For mobile app developers, this brings several opportunities. Based on the current statistics, giving your time and effort to AR and VR mobile app development is a wise move today.

Today, in this blog, we will discuss some ways to use AR in mobile apps. However, let’s find out types of AR and why you should consider AR and VR in the first place. 

Type of Augmented Reality

There are several different types of augmented Reality (AR), each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are the most common types of AR:

1. Projection-based AR

Projection-based AR is a type of AR that uses projection technology to create a virtual reality environment. This type of AR is more realistic than the other types because it doesn't use cameras to capture images. Instead, it uses a projector to project an image onto a screen or other surface. This makes it more portable and easier to use.

2. Recognition-based AR

Recognition-based AR uses sensors to detect objects and creates an image of those objects in the user's virtual reality. This allows users to view information about the object without taking the time to look at a separate piece of information. For instance, a dentist could use recognition-based AR to display images of teeth while they are being cleaned.

3. Location-based AR

Location-based AR is different because it uses the user's current location to determine what objects to show. This allows users to see information about items near them without going through the hassle of downloading an app.

4. Superimposition-based AR

Superimposition AR is the simplest form of AR and uses just a camera to capture images of the real world and then superimposes those images onto an object or environment. This type of AR is popular for applications like gaming, where it can add additional levels of realism to the user's experience. 

How can Augmented Reality be Used in Mobile App Development?

1. Online Shopping

Have you ever imagined visiting a virtual market? Well, now it has become a reality. Some brands, including Topshop, IKEA, and more, have deployed augmented reality in their shopping app to provide users with a natural and more comfortable shopping experience.

2. Design

Despite your specialization- landscape design, construction, or architecture-Augmented Reality can be a helpful tool for you. With this revolutionized technology, it is possible to view the outcome of your work. Moreover, several mobile app development companies have built apps that show if you are using the right colors, textures, objects, or more.

3. Education

No wonder education is quite a traditional sphere; some educators use the most advanced methods in the classroom. Some AR apps, such as Aurasma, allow students to view academic material from a new viewpoint via their smartphones and tablets. Besides, AR can be a great tool for medical training and studying the human body without hurting anyone.

4. Gaming

Now, this is one of the most interesting areas to use augmented reality technology. AR games have become significantly famous, particularly after the launch of Pokemon GO. Gamers can now explore the world around them by using their smartphones as gaming devices. Additionally, AR games are becoming increasingly realistic, so it is possible to immerse yourself in the game and feel like you are actually there.

5. Medical Training

Medical training can be tricky, but augmented reality can make it much more comfortable. For example, doctors can use augmented reality to view x-rays and scans. Additionally, nurses can use augmented reality to learn about diseases and how to treat them.

6. GPS Navigation

Augmented Reality can also be used to improve GPS navigation. With this technology, you can view maps in 3D and use your hands to interact with the map. This way, you will have a better understanding of the surroundings and will be able to find your way with much less difficulty.

7. Marketing and Advertising

Augmented Reality can be an excellent tool for marketing and advertising. For example, if you have a clothing brand, you can create an augmented reality app that lets users view the clothes in the real world. In another example, if you have a restaurant, you can create an augmented reality app that lets users eat your food in the real world.

Examples of Some Popular Apps Using Augmented Reality

  • Aurasma- This app allows users to view augmented reality content from a number of different angles. WithAurasma, users can view 3D models, photos, and videos.
  • Ingress- Ingress is a popular augmented reality game that uses Google Maps to create virtual worlds.
  • Measure-me- This app allows users to measure objects in the real world using their smartphones and tablets.
  • SkySafari- SkySafari is a popular augmented reality app for astronomers. With SkySafari, users can view 3D images of the night sky.
  • Snapchat- Snapchat is a popular messaging app that uses augmented reality to create masks and filters for users’ selfies.
  • Xively- This app enables businesses to remote control and monitor their devices.
  • Cardboard- This is an app that allows users to view apps and games on their smartphones in 3D.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows digital objects to be superimposed onto the real world. In 2022, it is estimated that more than 50% of smartphones will feature some form of AR functionality. This means that businesses and individuals have plenty of opportunities to use AR in their mobile applications. 


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